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What We Do

Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC serves as the bridge between military families and the rest of the greater American society. We have a problem-solution approach to matching the military mission with your company’s mission. Our finger is constantly on the pulse focusing on military family needs. By aligning your company’s mission, goals and values with a military community’s need and proposed solution, we ensure that your organization becomes a force multiplier in helping support our nation’s front line and the families that stand beside them.

We will give you a backstage tour. We will show you the reality of the military life so your organization gains the very best cultural competency with real boots on the ground.

Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC
Offers the following services to help your organization:

Community Outreach and Engagement

From initializing to managing your military family program efforts, support initiatives, or corporate giving programs, we take your ideas and find them a home. We directly connect you with all the people you need to know through our extensive network and help facilitate the project process. We work internally within your company and externally with our military community to make your solution work:

  • Program Management

  • Event Planning

  • Corporate Gifting and Philanthropic Outreach

  • Curriculum Development and Training

  • Human Resource / Talent Solutions Consulting

  • Volunteer Management

Strategic Communication

Once your program has been created, we design a short or long-term strategy to ensure it’s delivery to the military community connects and resonates. We focus on the very best channels to communicate and execute your mission to this niche community. Once our strategy has been developed and your program is completely set up, we give you the tools to continue the program independently.

Some of our specific Strategic Communication services are:

  • Content Creation

  • Brand Management

  • Social Media Outreach Strategy

  • Event Publicity

  • Outreach Kits

Business Development

We bridge the gap by bringing you into the inner circle through strategic partnerships.   

We take pride in our extensive network and enjoy the collaboration of bringing people together to help our military community. Through our network we have the opportunity to minimize duplicative programs and grow existing successful programs:

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Growth and Development Strategy

Public Relations

Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC’s founder and key principle, Christine Carol “C.C.” Gallagher, is a national expert  spokesmodel and military family representative for all public relations needs. With ample experience and notoriety in the media, government, military, and corporate circles, C.C. is a top level public speaking professional.

  • Public Speaking