We are ready to   and propel your organization’s military-focused initiatives to the next level! 
We Do This Through:
When Your Organization Partners With Us, You Can Expect:
  • Alignment of your mission, values and goals with the needs of the military community

  • A robust military-connected voice, ensuring your brand’s efforts are authentic and relevant with this generation needs

  • Increased efficiencies in your current military-connected program or outreach efforts

  • Maximized military-focused charitable giving and workplace donations 

  • Filling a resource gap on your team, helping you vet and navigate the 40,000+ veteran service organizations to align with

  • Collaborative, strategic and stronger military-connected  partnerships, leveraging your vision to scale

“I would recommend MQOLC, LLC to any national military-connected and mission-focused brand looking to advance their overall impact in service to our nation.”

-President & Chief Operating Officer
-President & Chief Operating Officer
RSL Holdings

“C.C.’s quality of work, level of organization, and expertise genuinely elevated our corporation’s pledge to support the military community.”

-Director, Corporate Enterprise
-Director, Corporate Enterprise
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

“C.C. is a personable, strategic, and forward-thinking advocate for the military community.”

-Prime Contractor, Maher & Maher
-Prime Contractor, Maher & Maher
U.S. Dept of Labor Military Spouse Technical Assistance Project

“She is a joy to work with and is extremely professional, meticulous and a consummate advocate for our Army families.”

-Family Readiness Directorate
-Family Readiness Directorate
Association of the United States Army
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