Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting


Corporate social responsibility consulting focuses on the ways a company can capitalize on the management of engagement and outreach to the military community. Committing to social responsibility and acknowledging the impact of military relationships is only one small piece of the puzzle. Our consulting services can shed light on what corporate social responsibility can mean in relationship to military life and connecting with those who serve and their families.

Safe Military Housing Initiative
Milhousing Network
Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC provided excellent guidance to our team [MilHousing Network] when we were working to improve both our internal and external communications, and specifically to create a strategy for better articulating our social impact goals. C.C. is a true professional who helped–very tactfully–point out our blind spots, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented fellow military spouse! I unequivocally recommend working with C.C.!

Karina Anne Gafford
Co-Founder, MilHousing Network

Corporate Citizenship & Marketing

Corporate citizenship is an important part of a brand’s image, and by having a strong sense of brand-character rooted in service and loyalty, corporate image can be leveraged for greater good. Offering a competent strategy rooted in philanthropy can be valuable asset that provides many levels of success and gain. Building a strong cornerstone of a company’s foundation upon the principles of military support and connection can be a valuable endeavor,  so let us help you build relationships and capitalize your corporate social responsibility efforts to include the military.

Social Responsibility and Military Families


Beyond those serving in the military currently, there lies a large and somewhat invisible population of strong, flexible, supportive military spouses who are resilient and resourceful in ways that are uniquely shaped by the military way of life. As we advise corporations and nonprofits in their communication strategy, we bring firsthand knowledge of this unique and valuable demographic.

Our expertise goes beyond an understanding of military life and the unique nature of the military spouse—we are a military spouse. We can advise companies on the importance of connecting and communicating effectively with the network of family and friends who remain committed to the military lifestyle because it is their passionate purpose and dedication to do so.

As a company navigates the ropes of corporate social responsibility and builds their strategy accordingly, we are available to help in the planning and implementation of various services and strategies that ultimately aim to uplift the communities within the military who would most benefit from these philanthropic cause marketing and social responsibility campaigns.





We are ready to guide and propel your organization’s military-focused initiatives to the next level! Please contact Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC at 915-247-8007 with inquiries regarding our array of services, including but not limited to:

Corporate Philanthropy

We align profit and purpose with our consulting to help companies meet the needs of the military community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We increase efficiencies in managing your military-connected programs and outreach efforts.

Vetting Military Organizations

We serve veteran and military service organizations that fulfill unmet needs in the military community.

Cause Marketing

We help your organization strengthen its military-connected voice, ensuring authenticity, relevancy and impact.

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