profile photo of C.C. GallagherHi, my name is C.C.

5 moves in just under a decade of marriage. 5 different zip codes. 5 different jobs across 3 industries. A small business owner. 2 deployments and countless extended separations. 2 young children. 2,500 miles to the closest immediate family member. Numerous goals and aspirations that were sacrificed for the greater good. This is my family’s service and several statistics that make up my adult life.

We all have so many experiences that paint the story of our lives and there is no doubt that as an Army spouse, the color spectrum of my story contains a lot of camoflague. Each duty station change, adaptation, lesson learned, additional family member, and memory has its own hue. While each military family’s story is unique and colorful, the all-volunteer force shares a life of continuous adaptation to uncertainty that accompany the operational tempo required. Many of the personal stories of overcoming obstacles or taking advantage of professional opportunities have given me the heart, passion, and determination to advocate for those that served before us, my fellow peers and for those generations that follow.

The concept for Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC came out of a challenging PCS and one heavy-hearted resignation letter to an organization that I was not ready to leave in the winter of 2015. Handing in that letter was the final straw that convinced me to do something to help the countless spouses in a similar position. In the military, we often break our lives into chapters categorized by each new duty station. Another move, another job I was forced to leave, another home, a new life to start over.

I needed to know someone was going to stand up and lift the voice for this community’s ever evolving needs. The higher education degrees, certifications and professional positions I have held due to countless military moves lends to the foundation of services that are sought after.  I am confident to be a part of the solution in assisting you as you navigate the countless challenges facing our military’s families.

As an experienced professor, academic advisor, Information Technology project manager, event program coordinator, communications strategist and military family advocate, I have served as a resource for the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative, Members of Congress, State Legislatures, higher education institutions, national non-profit organizations, employers, and key decision makers. In my everyday life, I continue to serve the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community & Family Policy (MC&FP) as a government contractor, focusing on military spouse employment and career opportunities.

The wide array of challenges I have faced and continue to overcome in conjunction with the professional opportunities I have earned, have laid the foundation of fulfilling my dream in helping other military families in a multitude of capacities.

Education and Certifications:

  • M.S. in Communication and Information, University of Tennessee
  • B.S. in Journalism and Communications, University of Florida
  • Certificate, Agile Product Owner and Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, Denver, CO

  • Certificate, Nonprofit Executive Management, Georgetown University

Learn more about C.C.’s professional experience serving in higher education, military service organizations, government contracting and through volunteer work on her LinkedIn site.