How Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC Was Created: 

“As a military spouse, I feel as if our community is embedded with an entrepreneurial spirit. For many, entrepreneurship is a great option due to portability, flexibility and as an outlet where you can share your specific skill set with the world in your own way.” – C.C. Gallagher, Founder

Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC was launched in the Fall of 2015 from a heavy-hearted, involuntary resignation letter to a former employer. My active duty spouse received government issued, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, which moved our family across the country, out of the National Capital Region. I wanted to continue my work in supporting many of the military-connected professional organizations I created strong working relationships with over the years serving in my former professional positions. The only way I could  lift the voice for this community’s ever evolving needs, was to launch into entrepreneurship. It was the best decision I have ever made.


moves in just under a decade of marriage.
different zip codes.
different jobs across 3 industries.

An entrepreneur.

deployments and countless extended separations.
young children.

2,500 miles to the closest immediate family member.