Cause Marketing Consulting

Cause Marketing Consulting


Let us help you master your cause marketing efforts with our professional military-focused consulting. We provide cause marketing consultation that is rooted in military life and military service. Our cultural competency and understanding of military culture helps translate your strategy into something that really works.

Cause marketing can gain momentum if it is fueled in the right way. If your cause marketing strategy centers around the military sector, and you’re searching for a way to amplify your social impact, our resources, knowledge, and expertise can definitely launch your cause marketing campaign to the next level.

Elevated Cause Marketing Strategy

Cause marketing strategy is a specific, targeted strategy that seeks to combine goodwill and aid with a positive outcome for the client. When addressing the unique niche of military and veteran-related causes, the strategy can become even more specialized and requires extensive knowledge and experience with these unique communities. 

Elevated Cause Marketing


Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC’s founder and key principle, Christine Carol ‘C.C.’ Gallagher is a national expert, spokesmodel and military family representative. She has been a speaker and leader for many professional engagements, including national conferences and an interviewed expert in many broadcast programs and podcasts.

Her vocal efforts to promote and bring visibility to the military community and their unique needs makes her the perfect person to help develop brand and market strategy to effectively launch and execute marketing that surrounds and intersects with the military community.





We are ready to guide and propel your organization’s military-focused initiatives to the next level! Please contact Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC at 915-247-8007 with inquiries regarding our array of services, including but not limited to:

Corporate Philanthropy

We align profit and purpose with our consulting to help companies meet the needs of the military community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We increase efficiencies in managing your military-connected programs and outreach efforts.

Vetting Military Organizations

We serve veteran and military service organizations that fulfill unmet needs in the military community.

Cause Marketing

We help your organization strengthen its military-connected voice, ensuring authenticity, relevancy and impact.

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