Vetting Military Organizations

Vetting Military Organizations


Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC offers consulting and advising services for a number of private and public sector companies, as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations. One of our most passionate areas of focus is helping organizations that support veterans, servicemembers and their families.

We support those who support the military.

If you would like help coordinating your philanthropic or social strategy to better connect and optimally serve the military community, our consulting services could be the perfect fit.

Marketing for Your Cause

We have had the honor of serving many clients as they seek out the best way to share their cause and effectively connect with the military community and express their support.

We are able to identify, cultivate, and maintain marketing strategy while being effectively aware of and responsive to cross-sector partnerships. We understand that these high-profile and valuably influential officials within public, private, and state/federal government organizations can be crucial in finding effective ways to communicate and advocate for our military community.

This is why we specialize in marketing, communications, and public relations for military and veteran organizations. Let us offer our consultation services and show you what professional management of your marketing and communication strategy can do for your company when it comes to supporting and connecting with the military.

Options for Military-Focused Organizations


Please contact us to learn more about options for military-focused organizations looking to boost their strategy and communications. We are passionate about our advising services that focus on advising organizations in their quest to develop a military-focused campaign. Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC offers support and strategy to companies who need to form their plan in connecting and communicating with supported military organizations.

Veteran and military service organizations can be overlooked or underestimated when developing marketing strategy or cause marketing campaigns. The unique ways companies need to connect and communicate to supported military organizations can be unchartered territory for businesses, and it may initially seem like an unnecessary point of consideration.

However, it is our professional experience and knowledge that can help build and strengthen strategies and services for military, veterans and their families. When building a cause marketing strategy, or developing a philanthropy-based service or offering, it can be worthwhile to sit down with a well-qualified, knowledgeable and seasoned expert in the field of military organizations, communication, and strategy.

Veteran Focused Organizations


We want to offer caring, authentic support to those who support our military. Veteran-focused organizations may have difficulty connecting with those they wish to serve: veterans and their families. We understand the unique challenges a cause centered around veteran aid, and we can help you develop a plan and strategy for successfully connecting and communicating with veterans and their families.

We can also help in crafting corporate communication strategy to better leverage your connection throughout communities who would benefit from veteran and military-focused services and support. It is our experience and expertise that can guide and shape a company’s vision, and we are committed to the cause.



We are ready to guide and propel your organization’s military-focused initiatives to the next level! Please contact Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC at 915-247-8007 with inquiries regarding our array of services, including but not limited to:

Corporate Philanthropy

We align profit and purpose with our consulting to help companies meet the needs of the military community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We increase efficiencies in managing your military-connected programs and outreach efforts.

Vetting Military Organizations

We serve veteran and military service organizations that fulfill unmet needs in the military community.

Cause Marketing

We help your organization strengthen its military-connected voice, ensuring authenticity, relevancy and impact.



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