Corporate Philanthropy Consulting

Corporate Philanthropy Consulting


Corporate philanthropy can align profit and purpose, and our consulting and strategy expertise can help companies capitalize on these gains. Our expertise within the military niche is a valuable tool for companies looking to exercise corporate philanthropy as a tool to reach profit goals and build valuable relationships through marketing, strategy, and corporate endeavors.

Personal & Professional:

The Military Experience You Need

We have personal and professional experience in the military that is backed with the testimonials of many happy clients since our company’s beginning in 2015. We take our knowledge and package it for consulting clients in a manageable, actionable way that help brands translate their philanthropic endeavors to the public and private sectors in a way that communicates the mission effectively.

Guiding You Through the Phases of Philanthropic Outreach


When we work with clients, our goal is to highlight your company’s mission to connect and serve the military that serves us. This is why we have a tried and true process in what we do that maximizes corporate gifting and philanthropic outreach.

Our clients will be led through a series of useful fact-finding to determine what options will work best for a philanthropy campaign. By evaluating current contracts supporting affiliated Military Service Organizations, we are able to better define what aspects of a client’s plan could benefit from a different angle or new approach.



A Personalized Approach to Philanthropic Consulting


Once we have defined some specific factors and areas to address, we put together a personalized plan to implement your philanthropic outreach. We will explore, define, and consider what a Military Service Organization preferred partnership looks like based on a variety of factors.

We consider many aspects of a brand’s identity, goals, and current history to determine what path will be most effective. It is our initiative to define your supporting cause, identify the heart of your mission, and account for factors such as geographic location, size, and area of outreach.

I would recommend MQOLC to any national military-connected and mission-focused brand looking to advance their overall impact in service to our nation.

President & Chief Operating Officer
RSL Holdings

Developing Your Philanthropic Outreach

Through Advising

Our specialized approach to philanthropy and marketing strategy sets us apart from many consulting agencies and advisors. It is our dedication to military service organizations and affiliated military and veteran causes that make us a uniquely equipped professional consulting powerhouse to help develop and deploy corporate marketing strategy that is meant to connect and benefit the military.

Philanthropic Marketing and Brand Opportunities


We help corporate and non-profit clients navigate many financial and organizational matters associated with philanthropy. We can advise upon topics such as branding opportunity, outreach events, and solidifying a corporate annual desired gifting budget. Our unique niche in the industry builds upon years of personal and professional experience, and our portfolio of current and previous clients shows that we understand marketing, communication, strategy, and the military at a high level of effectiveness. Corporate philanthropy geared toward the military is a specialized field where many fall short in their vision because it is difficult to gain the experience and insight that we have been fortunate to acquire through the years.

MQOLC’s quality of work, level of organization, and expertise genuinely elevated our corporation’s pledge to support the military community.

Director, Corporate Enterprise
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation



We are ready to guide and propel your organization’s military-focused initiatives to the next level! Please contact Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC at 915-247-8007 with inquiries regarding our array of services, including but not limited to:

Corporate Philanthropy

We align profit and purpose with our consulting to help companies meet the needs of the military community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We increase efficiencies in managing your military-connected programs and outreach efforts.

Vetting Military Organizations

We serve veteran and military service organizations that fulfill unmet needs in the military community.

Cause Marketing

We help your organization strengthen its military-connected voice, ensuring authenticity, relevancy and impact.

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